Human Transcription

Transcribe recordings with 99% accuracy

Human transcribe video or audio files. Upload in any audio or video format. Available in over 130 languages and accents.


Transcription Editor

If you find that the transcript has errors, you can easily edit it using our editor.

Translate the transcript

If you want to translate the transcript into other languages, you can easily specify this and our human translator will do so. We have over 120 languages available for translation.

Export transcription

You can export the transcription in different formats (Text, Microsoft Word, PDF, JSON or SRT). You can create subtitles for your videos just by exporting in SRT format.

How it works?

How it works?

A brief description of the steps to follow for the human transcription service.

1. Upload video/audio files

Upload files from local storage or pull from Dropbox. Or, if you don't already have an audio file, you can record one on the spot. And choose the option to transcribe using a human transcriptionist.

2. Working on transcription

Our humantranscriptionist will start transcribing your audio/video files. When it is finished, you will be notified.

3. Review of the transcript

After the transcription is completed you can view it and if necessary edit the mistranscribed words.

Unveiling the Symphony of Words: The Art of Human Transcription

In the great theatre of transcription, human transcribers enter the stage, armed not with algorithms, but with pencil and sharp ears. Witness the pencil prelude, where every scratch on the paper becomes a note in the symphony of human understanding.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a set of questions and answers on the features of human transcription.

How does human transcription differ from automatic transcription?

Automatic transcription relies on advanced algorithms and technology to transcribe audio into text without human intervention. Manual transcription, on the other hand, involves individuals listening to the audio and transcribing it manually.

How long does it take to human transcribe an audio/video file?

The time it takes for a human transcriber to transcribe an audio or video file varies based on factors such as audio quality, speaker complexity, content intricacy, and transcriber experience. On average, an experienced transcriber might take approximately 4 to 6 hours to transcribe one hour of clear audio.

How many languages are available for human transcription?

As many as there are for automatic transcription.


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