Transcription for Journalists

Transcribe your interviews accurately and quickly

You can quickly edit and export your transcript in SRT format for subtitling your interview.


Automatic transcription software for journalists

Transcribe your interviews with our automated transcription software tailored for journalists. Seamlessly convert audio recordings to text, saving valuable time and effort.

Edit interview

Edit transcribed interview

With our editor you can easily edit any missing words or wrong transcribed paragraphs from your interview. You can even change the names of speakers and add additional speakers if they were missed in the transcription process.

Edit interview

Highlighting & Strikethrough & Note

You can highlight the many purposes in your interview and cut them out or place notes to better describe their actions at paragraph level.

How it works?

How it works?

A brief description of the steps to follow for the automatic transcription service.

1. Upload video/audio files

Upload files from local storage or pull from Dropbox. Or, if you don't already have an audio file, you can record one on the spot.

2. Working on transcription

Our automatic transcription software will start transcribing your audio/video files. When it is finished, you will be notified.

3. Review of the transcript

After the transcription is completed you can view it and if necessary edit the mistranscribed words.

Harmonies of Discourse: The Artistry of Interview Transcription

In the symphony of words exchanged during an interview, transcription serves as the conductor, meticulously capturing each note and rhythm. It transforms fleeting moments of dialogue into a timeless score, allowing one to pause, rewind, and study the melody of conversation. Like a skilled artisan, the transcriber crafts a narrative from the chaos of speech, illuminating insights and truths that resonate beyond the confines of the spoken word. In this dance between voice and text, transcription unveils the symphony of human expression, echoing the cadence of our stories for generations to come.


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