_________Who are we?____________

Rolaxit Innovation | Aug 19, 2022

_________Who are we?____________

a start-up focused on the application of artificial intelligence technology in various economic fields.

RolaxIT Innovation is a unique combination of experts, from seniors with a remarkable past in mathematics and invention, to young talents in the field of Artificial Intelligence and neural network programming.
The company was launched in early 2020 and its main activity is the development and implementation of systems based on AI Technologies.

The founder of the company is George Rusu

George Rusu graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Bucharest in 1965, the Faculty of International Economic Relations of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Sciences in 1979 and has a degree in Cyber Systems Technology from UNESCO. He holds a PhD in Probability and Mathematical Statistics.

He was part of the team of programmers for the first Romanian CIFA-3 computer from the University of Bucharest. He was among the initiators of computer applications in the metallurgical industry (Galati Iron and Steel Works, 1965-1967), wood industry and forestry (Research and Design Institute for the Wood Industry, 1967-1974, Computer Center for the Wood Industry, 1974-1979), culture and librarianship (Computing Center for the Ministry of Culture, 1979-1983), Design Institute for Automation-IPA (1983-1983), Bucharest City Hall (1988-1990).

Gheorghe Rusu participated in the elaboration and implementation of important projects realized in Romania in the eighties: atomic industry, People's House, Bucharest Metro, Refineries and important factories of the Romanian economy (Tractorul Brasov, Red Flag Brasov, Bacau assembly plant), construction and assembly companies, electrical networks, export of information technology to Algeria, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Iran, etc.

After 1990, Gheorghe Rusu founded and participated in several companies in the field of informatics, telecommunications and technological process management for the introduction of the latest concepts: local LAN networks and national networks (Intercomp, 1990-1998, Mediator, 1998-2000 ), complex SUN computer stations (1991-1994), fiber optic networks (Uzina Dacia Pitesti, 1994), the first network of commercial internet services (April 1993-October 2007), VOIP services (1996-2007), call center (Easycall 2003-2006), wireless networks (1999-2007), cable television, satellite, internet (Digital cable systems, 2005-2013) etc.

In 2001, Gheorghe Rusu initiated and was a founding member through the company Euroweb (former Mediator) of the National Association of Internet Service Providers in Romania (ANISP), of which he was president for 4 years (2001-2005). Through the software companies in which he was a shareholder (Evosoftware SRL, Progression technologies SRL, Portal SRL, Viosan SRL etc.) Gheorghe Rusu was a member and President of ARIES (2006-2007) and a member of ATIC.

Since 2013 Gheorghe Rusu has settled in the UK and attended the postgraduate course, Machine Learning, at Stanford University, San Francisco, (2014-2016). After graduation, he initiated, developed and assisted the implementation of Artificial Intelligence projects in Spain, UK, Taiwan and USA. He is also a mentor on IA Alexa projects, Amazon product, for UK companies.

The team's competencies cover the areas: web, chatbot, voice-bot, speech to text, text to speech, translation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We are part of an international ecosystem, and we have partnerships with the most relevant names in the IT industry.

It is based on numerous in-house developed Deep Learning and Machine Learning algorithms for Speech-to-Text (S2T), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and Text-to-Speech (T2S).

At the same time, programming languages and training tools are used for the realized applications.

Services, applications, products:

  1. Convert audio to text, text to voice
  • Speech-to-text

Scriptoman is a complete transcription and translation service automatic recording of audio / video recordings and text files, with respect orthographic and orthoepic rules specific to each language.
Scriptoman uses an Intelligence-based software engine Artificial and offers a high level of accuracy, being available now for 120 languages.
It has extensive applicability in areas such as call and contact center, conferences and webinars, justice, but also media, radio, and television,where audio recordings are justified by legal requirements and need use of information in multiple formats.

  • Text-to-Speech

From text to speech with a versatile AI voice generator. Rolaxit provides text-to-speech solutions for websites, e-learning materials, documents, conversational experience with customers, media,robotics, applications, IoT and more.
Thus, using artificial intelligence, Scriptoman eliminates inaccuracies in translating information from one language into another, facilitating access to information in subtitled language, in a way unaltered.

  • Editor
  • High-performance editor for improving results. Integrated player.
  • Necessary for the human operator to refine and obtain 100% transcription accuracy.
  • Indicates the degree of words that have been transcribed with a high level of confidence.
  • Mark words that are inaccurate.
  1. Chatbots
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Media
  • Cars dealer
  • Events
  • Health and Pharmacy
  • Hospitality
  • Clothing and Footwear
  • Real Estate
  • Legally
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Human resources
  • Miscellaneous

Services provided by chatbots visit to www.rolaxit.com

  1. Contextual intelligent agents use Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence(AI)