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Edit transcribed or translated files without switching between different windows to work. With Editor, you get both the text and audio player on the same page. Automatically transcribe your meetings, interviews, lectures, and other conversations.

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Automatic transcription for you and your team.

Scriptoman solves the biggest problem of the modern business world. With an easy interface, it can literally capture any recordings that you want to turn into text or provide you with high quality transcriptions There's no longer a need to spend hours transcribing files when this computerized tool does it for you in minutes!

Transcription & Translation into over 120 languages.

Our powerful A.I. can transcribe in over 130 languages. Save time by letting your audio files be automatically transcribed. Skip the tedious process of handwritten transcription. No need to waste time doing monotonous work.

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Mobile Transcription App: How to Convert voice to Text On-the-Go

Our Scriptoman, transcription app, is there for you whenever and wherever you need it to be. In a world that is constantly moving, changing, and becoming more advanced, it’s easier than ever to make life more efficient thanks to mobile technology. With a powerful transcription app for Android, students at any education level, business professionals, legal groups, medical practitioners, researchers, and journalists can access fast, accurate and affordable transcription services anywhere. After you submit a recording to be accurately transcribed, you’ll get a push notification to let you know that it’s complete. The mobile app also features:

In-app recording capabilities for high-quality audio, for even better end-results.

Absolute confidentiality with an advanced, micro-tasked transcription workflow that ensures security.

Easy-to-digest file organization and simple, one-tap recording.

Uses artificial intelligence and can engage in two-way conversations.

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You will need an account on our platform if you want to use our mobile application.

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Human Transcription Services: 99% Accurate, Fast Turnaround, & Most Affordable Rates Online.

Interviews, meetings, podcasts – the list of conversations that a business might need to be transcribed goes on and on. When it’s time to have something transcribed, there are two options from which to choose, human transcription or automated transcription!

Human transcription is recommended over automated transcription services when you:

Want a high-quality transcript from the start to share with stakeholders, use for research, or convert to captions.

Have hard-to-transcribe audio — in other words, poor audio quality, audio with distracting background noise, multiple speakers, cross talk, speakers with unclear accents, speakers who talk quietly, or speakers who use a lot of jargon words that computers may not understand.

Have long recordings with a lot of speakers and need better assurance that all speakers are labelled correctly (without having to review and re-assign speakers yourself).

Are working with sensitive or confidential video or audio files and prefer to have a professional transcriptionist manage that content.

We can guarantee 99% accuracy and quick turnaround — regardless of the length of your recording or the human transcription option you choose

How it works?

How it works?

There are a few steps you need to follow to transcribing, editing, and exporting a file.

1. Select the language of the audio/video file

We support more then 130 languges, dialects and accents.

2. Upload your audio/video files

With our Uploader, you can import your files from anywhere, whether it’s on your laptop, Google drive, you Tube or Dropbox etc. Upload files of any size and length. You can upload up to 10 files at a time.

3. Receive your transcript

Our generator will produce your transcription in just half of the length of your file.

4. Edit your transcript

Our editor allows you to correct and edit the transcript.

5. Translate your transcript

You can translate the transcript into any of the more than 110 languages. Our editor allows you to correct and edit the translated file.

6. Export your transcript

Choose your preferred transcription format: TXT(.txt), JSON (.json), Word(.docx), PDF( .pdf) and SRT(.srt).


Pricing & Plans

Choose the plan that suits you and start transcribing right now!

Automatic transcription

Pay as you go transcription.

Less than 10 hours.
More than 11 hours.

Human transcription

Pay as you go transcription.

Less than 10 hours.
More than 11 hours.


Do you have large volumes of data? Contact us. We will support you in choosing and establishing the best tariff plan for your project.

We love to make perfect transcription voice to text for your meetings, interviews, lectures, and other conversations.

Scriptoman automatically transcribes, translates, and helps you organize your audio and video files in over 120 languages. Fast, accurate, and affordable. Millions of users from all over the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a set of questions and answers regarding the features of the application.

What is the difference between your plans?
The Base plan is a single-user pay-as-you-go plan. You purchase transcription hours up front and use them as you need them. This is perfect if you have a small transcription project. The Premium and Enterprise plans are multi-user subscription plans. You pay a monthly or yearly subscription. In addition to this, you pay a transcription fee per hour. This is ideal if you have a higher volume of transcription or collaborate with people inside or outside your organization.
What do you mean by hourly rate?
“Per hour” of transcription relates to the length of audio or video file that you upload. We prorate your “per hour” transcription down to the nearest second so you only pay for what you use. For example, if you transcribe a video file that is 5 minutes, you will only be charged for 5 minutes, not a full hour.
Are there additional charges for translation?
Yes, automated translation is an extra charge. It is charged at $4/hour.Scriptoman translates in more than 120 languages: from English to Spanish, from Spanish to English, from English to Hindi, from Hindi to English, from English to Mandarin, from Russian to Chinese, from Japanese to English and many others. It can translate a file transcribed into several languages.
How are my free minutes applied?
Every new account comes with 15 free minutes.
Does audio quality influence the accuracy of the transcription tool?
The quality of the video or audio files that you submit plays quite an important role on the quality of the transcripts. If there's too much background noise it's likely that you'll encounter mistakes in your transcription, so we always recommend uploading quality audio.
What is AI-powered transcription?
Scriptoman transcription software uses an artificial intelligence (AI) model to extract the speech from any file and convert it to text. Our AI is the core of our Automatic Transcription Software, and it allows us to transcribe files with 87% accuracy in more than 130 languages, dialects, and accents. Thanks to our advanced speech recognition algorithms, audio transcription is now a fast and affordable process. Transcribing audio is useful when you need to grant it's accessibility to a wider audience, making it searchable and readable.
? What is the difference between automatic transcription software and human transcription service?
The main difference between these two services relies on the accuracy of the transcription. Our human transcription service has an accuracy of 99%, and your files will be proofread by an expert transcriber. When using our automatic transcription software, your files will be transcribed automatically, so you will need to proofread them in the end to make them 99% accurate.
?What are the human transcription rates?
The price of the service depends on the language and length of your files. The price for English human transcription starts at $1.70 per minute of audio.
?What is the turnaround of the human transcription service?
Depending on the language you chose, your file will have a different turnaround time. For French, English and Spanish it’s usually 24hrs, for all other languages it’s between 24 and 48 hours. It will depend on the transcribers' volume of work and availability, as well as the length and complexity of your file. You will receive an email once your file is uploaded and which will contain the processing time. You will also receive an email when the file is completed.


Below you will find information about transcription and editing.

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